Democratic Party – American Patriotism

We as Democrats of the Democratic Party must remembrance our patriotism as Americans in the fight to restore our country to the basic principles as provided by our Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

For too long we have been silent, and we are now standing up and fighting back. No longer will we let the elites in government dictate to us how our country should be! No longer will we let the federal government over step its Constitutional bounds! No longer will we sit idly by and see our children and grandchildren futures destroyed by a crushing debt they will be left to pay!

For years now our country has been under attack. Not from a foreign enemy, but from inside the very fabric of this great Republic. Too long we have placed our trust and faith in our elected officials to only be betrayed time and time again. We have given powers to those who use it against us while telling us it is for our own good. Then once we stand up and say “No More!”, these same politicians call us unruly and even terrorists.

In the month of July, 233 years ago a group of enlightened men penned a call to freedom that sparked the birth of this great nation…The Declaration of Independence. They knew once they signed that bold document, they would be considered traitors to the crown. They knew they were putting not only all they possessed but their very lives in jeopardy. Together they pushed forward with their faith in God and under great sacrifice this country was born.

We must think back on all we were given by those who came before us, and how we are saddened at where we are today as a nation. We have become a people more interested in what’s happening on Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. We have allowed groups with their own agendas dictate the direction of our country. We have stayed in our homes on Election Day because we did not see anyone we could support with enthusiasm.

We don’t need to be a Washington insider to make a difference, and true leadership doesn’t come from going to an Ivy League school or sticking their finger in the wind to see what direction to follow. We are tired of these types of politicians, and we want elected representatives who will put the Constitution and all it stands for in the foremost part of every vote they make on our behalf. We want elected representatives who will not put their personal desires before that of the country and it’s citizens.

We need to stop letting the elites in each party tear us apart. We need to speak out and educate our fellow Americans to the fact that we have been pawns in a sick game of restructuring the very foundations of this country and through the manipulation of special interest groups, we have blindly given up many of the rights and freedoms we were given in our founding documents. So we as a nation need to heed the Call To Duty and help support those who would step forward in the spirit of true conservative leadership and become Constitutional Warriors in this quest to bring our country together on a path to renewed greatness.