Corruption and Lies within the Democratic Party

It has become painfully apparent our Democratic Party has not delivered on most of their promises made to us the Democratic Party members, or the American people as a whole.

Our Democratic Party representatives in Washington were elected into power posing as commoners, but they are anything but that. In fact, many of them are far from common by having their own nasty hands in the same pie as those Republicans we criticize.

Today we listen to our Democratic Party representatives in Washington act as though they have a record of accomplishment while our nation sits very near to the edge of economic collapse. We watch them bickering like little children as they posture and spin trying to make themselves look responsible. But in reality, our Democratic Party representatives in Washington have only made success through bribery. What? Yes, bribery. When you buy people off with money, that is bribery, and it has clearly become our Democratic Party specialty. In other words, don’t bother with letting sound arguments and good reasoning rule the day when you can steal from others to finance your own success, and never mind the truth when the political elite can gain power by lying and manipulation. Pushing and pulling data just like a Republican, these Democratic Party hucksters press their agenda of fear all the same to their own desired outcomes as well. Problem is, deeds of this sort affect many more Americans with scams that will not be immediately evident (which, by the way, gives them an “out” so they can fake their innocence later on down the road and keep their political careers alive).

In effect, every last tissue of belief in our Democratic Party representatives in Washington is nearly completely shredded and cast aside. Our Democratic Party representatives are no less the same corporate bailers and militarists than the Republicans. They hand trillions to the banks and brokerage firms; they dissolve union contracts and send the workers to the dogs; their unmanned drones bomb Pakistan, killing and maiming innocents and displacing tens of thousands; they sell the same lies about the wars – that they have to do with terrorism or democracy rather than oil and other resources – as their predecessors; they fund the very enemy that they claim to fight; they keep up the same contracts with Blackwater and its successors; they vote for the same war funding; they carry out the same secret renditions; they sanction and continue the same spying on US citizens; they exonerate torturers and war criminals from the previous administration.

Altogether, we the Democratic Party members want Change We Can Believe In, but not at the expense of undermining and destroying our American democracy as founded in protecting individual liberty and freedom. Above all, we want our Democratic Party representatives in Washington to honestly abide and follow in the footsteps of our founding fathers in providing us with change without eroding and violating the Constitution of the United States.